2014 National KJ of the Year

Selection Criteria


Only one vote per person is allowed. Any use of an automated program to vote or manually manipulaing the votes will not be considered for an awards. We're looking for Excellence for the Karaoke Industry to be a representative! Voting is only a part of the overall selection criteria for the awards. These are the criteria used to determine the over all selection for The National Award & The 10 State Awards.


     1. Must be an active  KJ


     2. WEB presence,
          A. Website


                 How informative


          B. Facebook & Twitter (or similar)

                 Social networking


                 Participation in Groups and Blogs

          C. Photos & Videos

                 Does the KJ have a YouTube or Instagram account (or similar)


     3. Bookings

          A. Longevity at each venue

          B. Recommendations by owner/managers


     4. Charity Endeavors

          A. benefits, fund raising, nursing homes, hospitals etc.


     5.  Contest

          A. Does the KJ produce and promote contest


     6.  Client nominations and public voting

     7.  Your ratings & reviews on KSE and other websites

     8.  Overall representation of the Karaoke Industry

     9.  Votes for the National (1%) & State (25%) winners


Voting begins June 1, 2014 and ends August 31, 2014. There will be one 2014 National KJ of the Year Award presented base on 1% votes and 99% criteria. The 10 top states, KJ of the year Awards will be based on 25% votes & 75% criteria. The top 10 states with the highest number of human votes (25% Votes & 75% Criteria) for the first KJ within those states will hold the title 2014 State KJ of the Year. All recipients of the 2014 KJ of the Year Awards will be announced on September 15, 2014.


Criteria are subject to change and all updates will be posted on this page.