QREAM Soiree, Music, and Karaoke

Qream-PhotoEverybody has a song in their heart that they should share; and for 13yrs I have had the honor of encouraging people to let it out. Two years ago I started my own company and have been a DJ and karaoke host full time. I am currently up to five nights a week. You can check out pictures and videos either on my website, instagram, or the most frequent form that I use to upload albums and videos is my facebook page

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The Karaoke Dude

Hi there,

My name is Jackson and I have been hosting Karaoke since Jan. 18th, 1984. When I started hosting Karaoke there were no other KJ's in this area. No one really had an idea what Karaoke was. I bought my Pioneer Laser disc machine thinking that I would use it at parties and family reunions and such. I had no idea that I would end up making a living at making other people have fun. It took some talking into by the bar owners in this area to give it a try. But once I actually did a "show", it caught on like wild fire.

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Idol Karaoke

Idol-Karaoke-Photo1Idol Karaoke is owned and operated by Bob and Marie Humphrey. We have been singing karaoke for over 20 years. We began producing  karaoke shows in 2009 in Texas when I retired. We did shows part time. In 2012 we moved to Florida and began doing shows 3 nights a week. Very quickly we found ourselves at 5 nights a week. For a few months in 2014 we were 7 nights a week. We have been at most of our venues for over 2 years.

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Endless Journey Entertainment


History: Performing and singing have been an important part of my life since high school. I started attending local karaoke shows in Columbus, Ohio when I moved to the city to attend college. Over the years I became a regular performer and started helping one of the local hosts with his shows, I worked with him for about three years. In 2006 I purchased equipment to start my own business, Endless Journey Entertainment. Initially, we had shows at two venues a week; today we have shows at six venues a week. Our primary focus is karaoke but we do provide DJ services as well. Our private events have included birthday celebrations, holiday parties, corporate picnics, weddings, family reunions and college events. Repeat customers and referrals have been a significant factor in the growth of the business.

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Certified Karaoke

I, Frank Tanner, am pleased to have been asked to provide this summary of my activities as a Kj in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 

My karaoke experience began as a singer, enjoying the chance to sing at dozens of karaoke shows from 1989-1993.  I learned what pleases audiences and what irritates them.  These experiences served me well when I later became a KJ.

By 1990 I began to supply KJ’s in the Tampa Bay area with equipment and disks.  This was a natural market for me, because I was visiting one or more shows each night anyway.  I could have fun and make money in each night!  It also taught me a lot about the tech of the business.  But, by 1993 large karaoke distributors entered the market.  Profit margins were shrinking for small operators like me.

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Coyote Joe's Karaoke

Coyote-Joes-KaraokeCoyote Joe's Karaoke
Nashville, TN

Coyote Joe's Kraaoke owners Jeff "JW" Wear and his wife Andrea (Andi) have been operating in the Nashville are since 1998.  Over the past 16 years we have played at over 1000 private parties, birthdays, weddings, company parties and club engagements.  

We primarily advertise and keep in touch with customers via the Internet and Social Media.  We used a company website for 10 years, but recently moved all of our contact media via Facebook.  We have found it helps centralize communication with our customer better.

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Foley Custom Entertainment

Hello Bryan, first off thank you for creating such a great site for karaoke singers to find karaoke venues in their area, I have definitely seen increased traffic of new singers over the past few months & quite a few phone inquiries from folks looking to find a good KJ so kudos to you on that.

Now as far as my resume is concerned, I started hosting karaoke for a friend of mines company back in 2009, he asked if I would be interested because #1 he knew I loved to sing & #2 I had my own PA from being the lead singer in a band. After only a couple months I really felt as if I'd found my calling & my wife Angela and I decided that we would like to start our own karaoke/DJ business, she worked full time as preschool teacher & I took jobs as a waiter, laborer, basically anything I could find to pay the bills, we were both also heavily involved in a thriving musical theater scene in Boston & surrounding suburbs when finally it happened, after much negotiations with a restaurant that I had formerly waited tables at, we landed our first account! The name of the place was the Alumni restaurant in Franklin MA, we were going to be their Wednesday night entertainment.

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Spotlight of SWFL

karaoke-rackWhy Spotlight of SWFL should win KJ of the year; Aside from our website name “” here are a few more reasons.

Spotlight Entertainment of SWFL has been entertaining audiences since 2000. We began hosting shows at The County Fairgrounds and added private parties.  We have been hosting at local venues since 2008 on a regular basis.

We work full-time hosting Karaoke 4-5 nights a week. 3-4 regular venues, as well as private parties.

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